Dynamic : Integrated : Transformation

Innovative approaches to mitigate conflict and violent extremism in a chaotic world.

  • “Previously I lost the appetite to eat and I was not talking to anyone. However, after the activity, everything changed. I broke the barrier of fear and built connections with other girls.”
  • “After being part of the trainings, I was proud of myself and I was not ashamed of being myself, it was a very big change for me, I felt I have something special.”

  • “Before participating in the project, I was so stressed and I didn’t know how to control it…After taking part in project, my opinions completely changed…. because they have taught us how to overcome stress and trauma…I always have stress, but I don’t let it control me. But trauma has improved.”

  • “I was not good friends with Mosul city – I did not like the people, and I did not like to be part of Mosul. After I participated in the activities and interacted with people from Mosul, I found out that there are people here who are like me and I felt more connected with them. I experienced change in my perception and the way I see them.”

  • “It had a positive impact on them. When they came for the first time, they even didn’t say ‘hi’ to each other… They were from different ethnicities but after their joining in the training they became brothers. This was the impact of the training on people.”

  • “They taught us how to deal with anger and trauma. And people in the training were so kind and cooperative with us, this was also a positive side of the training. They taught us to be cooperative in our daily life.”

  • You already have the precious mixture that will make you well.