Organizational Performance

Chronic Stress Management

The health and success of any organization is dependent on staff morale, high functioning teams, innovation and performance under pressure. Third i Paradigm recognizes that chronic stress can manifest in any work environment and negatively impact performance. It can result in diminished complex thinking ability and reduced self-regulation and self-awareness. Individuals may become less empathetic, impatient and aggressive. Chronic stress can also impair judgement, decision making and erode teamwork.

Third i Paradigm works closely with each organization to develop stress management workshops to increase staff resiliency and performance. Workshops are tailored to meet specific organizational needs ranging from in-house workshops to off-site intensive retreats. Workshops include:

  • Increase knowledge about the physiological impact of stress.
  • Develop strategies for managing and reducing stress.
  • Encourage shifts in perspectives and changes in reactions.
  • Evidence-based techniques for relieving stress and restoring physiological balance.

Third i Paradigm also works with management to develop organizational strategies to reduce workplace stress.