Stabilization and transition periods are critical times to build the foundation to enable deeper social and structural change. Third i Paradigm’s approach strengthens the necessary internal and external resources for individuals and communities to build social cohesion, break conflict cycles and mitigate vulnerabilities to violent extremism. 


Third i Paradigm Impacts: 

  • Strengthened Social Cohesion
  • Increased Social Belonging  & Engagement
  • Strengthened Agency & Empowerment
  • Increased Personal & Social Responsibility
  • Improved Emotional Regulation

“Serving my community was not a priority...When I participated in (previous) activities, I realized that I am serving my community, but not willingly or intentionally doing so. However, this totally changed in this project when I worked closely with the people. I found people like me, sharing the same experiences and challenges, where I could build a connection with them.”

(Mosul Social Safety Project Participant) 


Third i Paradigm integrates a nuanced understanding of harm and conflict cycles,  empathy and the creation of safe space, as critical components to reconciliation programming. Third i Paradigm has designed trauma-sensitive reconciliation workshops for Iraqi community crisis committees to facilitate the return of internally displaced individuals into communities.